FIT TROTTERS: Meet John Fahey

FIT FANS is a free 12 week programme that takes place at the University of Bolton Stadium. Before starting his time at FIT FANS John Fahey, 62, said he was fed up. John was done with being greeted with “Alright big man?” or meeting with people and hearing “Me and the big fella”, but John decided it was time to make a change. No longer was he going to start the diet tomorrow or exercise next week, and John knew exactly where to go to get himself started.

“Fit Fans was just the programme that I have been looking for” 

During his time at FIT FANS John said he has learned many lessons such as food types, their effect on the body and how to control portion sizes. John was also happy to learn the small changes really do add up! He was able to do this with the aid of the “My Fitness Pal” app, a smartphone app that tracks diet and exercise.

“Good support from all club members, and the players who came to visit!”

John said what really made the difference to him was the high level of motivation surrounding not just the staff but from an entire cohort of like-minded individuals. Not only had John lost, but is still losing weight and inches from his waistline. He can now also boast to wearing clothes that were once way too tight!

“Loved the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the stadium” 

John now describes himself as a far more active person taking part in regular walking, swimming and cycling activities. John is proud to admit that along with still using “My Fitness Pal” he also feels better about himself, he is more confident and was happy to have met a great bunch of guys.

“Great banter about football, interesting to see the inner workings of a football club first hand” 

John told us “My family are very happy and very complimentary about my weight loss”, and rightly so after he was able to lose a whopping 13.2kg! He accomplished this alongside a group of 13 losing a combined total of 146kg. For all those who take part in FIT FANS, their eating habits will be improved by reducing portion sizes and swapping fatty and sugary foods for fruit, vegetables and high fibre foods. When it comes to exercise they will achieve at least 45 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most days of the week. They also receive weekly exercise sessions at their club for 12 weeks, and follow a personal pedometer based walking programme that encourages them to fit physical activity into their daily lives. Using these practices, SMART goals and tried-and-tested behaviour change techniques the participants will become more active and improve their diet.