Kachunga Visits Fit Fans!

Last Wednesday night our Fit Trotters cohort had the pleasure of welcoming Wanderers forward Elias Kachunga. The German striker took the chance to sit down with the group in their usual meeting place to discuss his dietary habits, exercise schedule and life as a Bolton Wanderers star.

Fit Fans is a 12 week weight loss programme originally curated by the EFL Trust. The Bolton Wanderers arm of the project, more locally known as Fit Trotters, gather on Mondays (for the women) and Wednesdays (for the men) in the Bolton Wanderers media suite to begin the classroom portion of the session. Week by week the participants are taught about various day to day adjustments they can make to help them lead a healthier lifestyle such as cutting down on fatty/sugary foods, monitoring their alcohol intake and increasing their step count.

Week 11 saw Elias enter the classroom. Kachunga kindly took time out of his busy schedule to answer questions from the participants surrounding his eating habits, exercise regime and finally what it’s like to play up top for Bolton Wanderers! The participants were able to gain an exclusive insight into the life of a sporting professional and receive expert advice only accessible to a Fit Trotter! After an hour long grilling, it’s safe to say everyone in the room felt they had something to take away from the experience and incorporate into their own life in their own way.

The Fit Trotters are now completing their 12th and final week. If you’d like to get involved and change the direction of your life, you can inquire via email at fitfans@bwitc.org.uk or alternatively visit https://www.efltrust.com/fitfans/