More Than Just a Fitness Class – Amjid’s Story

Before FIT FANS, Amjid had been off sick from work since October 2021 suffering with depression due to a family trauma incident. Amjid was struggling to cope with daily tasks, for example booking at least 5 separate gym sessions and cancelling last minute as he wasn’t mentally well enough to attend, he had become very withdrawn.

A Mental Health Nurse he met via his GP had put him in touch with Fit Trotters, both Jack and Dianne made contact and explained the details of the course which was due to start soon. After enrolling, Amjid was very anxious and afraid of what to expect, but showed up for his weigh in whilst he met other coaches and they recorded his details.

The course was to run Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, January to March. The following Wednesday Amjid did attend but he stated he had found it hard due to struggling with his mental health, he had been sat on the stairs at home at about 6:30pm when his wife asked him why he hadn’t left to go to his Trotters session. Amjid stated he was just leaving and reluctantly attended the session and was very quiet in class.

Everyone then participated in a walk around the football ground which Amjid really enjoyed and thus began to open up to the group. He told us that he hadn’t felt like attending but was glad that he did as it was the only event that had got him out of the house in the past few months. He started to especially look forward to the group activities such as circuit training.

Over the coming weeks Amjid grew in confidence, became a key motivator for the group and has built strong friendships. He’s also been keen to motivate his Trotters team on the Fit Trotters WhatsApp group when they have tried new challenges or meal plans. Amjid has also sent pictures of his own healthy meals to share with his team and details from an over 50s boxing class he has been attending with his new Trotters friend.

• Amjid is in a much better place, both physically and mentally. He has lost 3 kg whilst he has been on the course, his physicality has improved so much so he was running in the circuit sessions towards the latter half of the course providing inspiration to the rest of the group. Amjid loves his job as an emergency service officer and was over the moon he was able to return back to working in the community where he will make a difference in people’s lives.